The mission of Jed’s Gym (formerly Complete Training and Fitness) is to help all of our clients achieve their goals in a healthy way, while making changes that can last them a lifetime. Voted on Thumbtack as one of the best training facilities in Mesa, Jed’s Gym can be the perfect fit for anyone looking to lose weight, gain muscle, increase speed or strengthen a hurt area such as the knee or back or just need a great workout. We can provide you with individualized plans and personal support so you can get in shape, look great and feel great too.

We practice the philosophy strengthening muscles using basic movement patterns, coupled with individualized diet plans. Workouts are tailored to the client and increase in intensity with each session to help the client transform in a quick, healthy way.

Located on Pecos and Ellsworth, Jed’s Gym is equipped with some of the latest machinery and full-sized mirrors so you can have the feel of a luxury gym while still enjoying the personal aspect of a personal trainer. The facility’s personal trainer, Jed Jobe, is a former wrestler and cancer survivor who has lost over 60 pounds nearly five years ago. Because of his experiences, Jed can connect to the athlete and the individual wanting to lose weight.

Contact us for a consultation and see why so many choose Jed’s Gym to change their lives. To set up a session, call us at 480.238.4643.

Complete Training and Fitness, LLC
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