Overexercising Doesn’t Make You Tough. It Harms Your Body

At some point in your life, you've probably been involved in overexercising. We've all been there. You've been in a workout, feel like you've given your all. But the coach starts to yell in your face. That can be good for you. In ways, coaches/trainers push us beyond what we believed capable. But if we're [...]

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Common Weight Training Misconceptions Among Women Explained

A majority of people I train are women who are stay-at-home moms or work outside the house. Each time someone new comes to me, they have many concerns. For women, a major concern can be starting weight training. You do not need to jog in order to get in shape. In fact, you don't even need to [...]

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Low Carb? Low Fat? No Sugar? Here's the Best Diet for Losing Weight.

Cut the carbs, don't have fatty foods, get rid of your sugar intake, don't ever consume processed foods: You've heard it all. But which diet will actually get you the best results? The answer always seems to vary. Here's something more disturbing. One man reported losing 17 pounds on a strict diet of Twinkies, and another lost 56 [...]

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7 Signs You Train With CTF

At Complete Training and Fitness (CTF), we have some dedicated clients who have seen great results! But what exactly makes them a CTF junkie? Check these signs out below! 1. You spend a lot of your time doing this 2. And this 3. People don't understand you when you talk about loving your workouts. Source: [...]

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Success Stories: Janae Wilson

In celebration of Throwback Thursdays, we decided to start a Success Stories series where we feature our very own clients! By now, you may have seen the story of our personal trainer. Today, we are spotlighting one of Complete Training's greatest clients, Janae Wilson. Janae Wilson, Complete Training client Janae has been with Complete Training [...]

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Why Dieting Doesn't Work

Admit it. You've been there before: staring at plain piece of meet and steamed veggies on your plate—along with your 'cleansing' drink you have to choke down—thinking, "just a few more days until this diet is over!" Or worse, you decide you've had it, grab the keys and head over to McDonald's, only to return feeling horrible because you've [...]

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