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Five Questions About Personal Training Answered

As with starting anything new, several questions and concerns arise when my clients first consider personal training. I remember when I wanted to get back into shape, it was disconcerting. Admitting you need to change is never fun. But it's worth it, and getting help along the way is what will keep you motivated. I gathered [...]

7 Deliciously Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Photo from Markus Spiske For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to stuff your face until you fall into a turkey-induced coma. For those of us trying to stick to a diet plan, this time of year can be your worst nightmare. But not to worry. There are actually several meals you can enjoy [...]

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12 Reasons to Join Complete Training

1. You get to choose the workout you want Source: Tumblr Ok, maybe not horizontal running. But we will be sure to tailor your workout according to your goals, likes and interests so you can enjoy yourself and feel great! 2. We help you create your own diet plan (and, yes. That can include pizza) [...]