I know what you’re thinking. “There’s no way diet sodas, teas or any other drinks are good for my health.”

In some cases, you may be right. But first, let’s clear up a few myths.

Now that we’ve cleared up the two most scary myths about diet drinks, here’s how switching to diet sodas can actually help you lose weight. The answer is the same we’ve stated in other blogs: It cuts back your calorie intake.

Want to shed pounds? The simple answer is to cut calories.

Doing so helps your body use more energy than it is provided. Once your body runs out of energy from foods, it uses stored fat. Meaning you will start to see the scale dropping.

To be clear, you should NOT cut down to the HCG diet calorie number of 500 calories. That’s not healthy and will cause you to regain weight in the end. There’s a certain number of calories you should hit according to your body weight and height. Head here for a basic calculation, or give me a call at 480.238.4643 so I can help you out.

Going “diet” on that Coke when you go out to eat helps you cut back about 300 calories, more if you plan to refill. And let’s be honest. You probably will. Which means you saved more like 600–900 calories.

I’m not saying Diet Coke is healthy, but it can curb that sweet tooth without wasting calories on a drink or sugar-filled snack that doesn’t fill you up.

Why Diet Soda Can Help You Lose Weight

According to a study posted on CNN, those who cut out all drinks lost an average of 9 pounds in 12 weeks, whereas those who were restricted to diet sodas and water lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks. Why?

“Cutting calories and boosting exercise takes a lot of willpower,” said the doctor behind the study. “Trying to simultaneously give up something else you regularly enjoy–such as diet soda–taxes your ability to stay the course.”

In other words, having a diet soda every now and then keeps your sanity and willpower to keep going on that diet.

It’s not smart to cut out all good foods. If you deprive yourself too much, you will revert to old ways. You need to enjoy what you eat.

That’s where a diet soda can really help curb the sweet tooth without adding calories. There’s really no reason to drink calories. They do not fill you up, but they sure can fill you out.

So next time you go out to eat, you can enjoy that diet soda guilt free, knowing you’re still right on track to losing weight!

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