I recently found an article that stated women who exercise regularly are less likely to develop breast cancer.

That’s a big deal.

Every time you decide to get up and work out, you’re winning a battle for your health. As much as we all hate to hear it, exercise matters.

Is working out beneficial to everyone’s health? Of course. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t.

But women who worout have specific benefits that are worth sharing. Check them out below.

5 Health Benefits for Women Who Workout

 1. It Prevents Muscle Loss

Natural muscle loss happens as women age. Lifting weights regularly will significantly prolong that, according to Michelle Olsen, an exercise physiology professor at Auburn University.

“[Women] need to lift weights to prevent the natural loss that occurs with less activity as we age,” said Olsen.

As you get older, you will become less active. Becoming less active means you lose muscle strength. If you work to strengthen your muscles now, it will make a huge difference in the long run.

If you’re worried about lifting because you don’t want to “bulk up,” I want you to stop and read this article about weightlifting myths. 

2. Which, in turn, reduces risk for Osteoporosis

Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis--a disease that weakens your bones– than men. How to prevent it? Strengthen those muscles.

Strong muscles ease the pressure placed on your bones. So if you have stronger muscles, you will help your bones stay stronger longer. Yet another extremely important reason to weight lift. And we’re only on reason #2.

3. Exercising Improves Your Mood

When you exercise, your brain releases Endorphins. That’s the hormone known to improves immunity and help you relax. Regular exercise helps your body fight anxiety and stress, which will improve your mood.

There are other benefits to reduced stress. Anxiety, tension and stress are all factors of negative thinking. They can cause physical symptoms too such as muscular discomfort, indigestion and pain. (LiveStrong)

In other words, ladies, workout more and you will feel happier.

4. You won’t get sick as often

As a full-time mom and part-time employee, I know my wife feels she does not have time to get sick. None of us do; we live busy lives. And as much we hate hearing it, exercise will help that.

Of course, I’m not saying that if you exercise, you’ll never get sick again. But studies show that people who routinely workout (even just a brisk walk) have better immune systems than those who do not.

5. It improves your skin

I’m not one to promote losing weight for the sole reason of “looking pretty.” Your ultimate goal should be to improve your health and be your best self. But if you are wanting to improve your looks, exercising will definitely help.

Exercising improves your blood circulation in your body. That includes your face, which means you will have “glowing skin.” You’re also less likely to get acne, according to Dr. David Katz, a director of the Research Prevention Center at Yale University.

I know it takes hard work, but exercise is too important to your health to skip out. If you’re needing help to get back on track, why not start with a supportive group of fun women in our Women’s Boot Camp? ou can learn more about it in this blog post.

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  • What benefits do you find from working out? Share with me in the comments below.