As with starting anything new, several questions and concerns arise when my clients first consider personal training.

I remember when I wanted to get back into shape, it was disconcerting. Admitting you need to change is never fun. But it’s worth it, and getting help along the way is what will keep you motivated.

I gathered the top five most commonly questions heard from my clients and answered them in this blog post. Check them out below.

Five Questions About Personal Training Answered

1. I have a busy schedule. Can you work with me?

The simple answer is yes!

Jed’s Gym is open as early as 5 a.m., and as late as 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. Whether you want to come in before work, after you’ve dropped off the kiddos at school or in the evenings, I will work with you for as many days as you need in order to get a great workout.

2. What will I do at Jed’s Gym?

I believe helping clients make lifestyle changes.

For that reason, I believe in a smooth transition into weight training. Your first day won’t be maxing out on weights and running until you puke to leave you so sore you don’t want to return.

Instead, your workouts will start at a level you’re ready for, and that level will increase in intensity each workout. That way, you can improve quickly and healthy without feeling too sore to move the next day.

The workouts are also focused on strengthening large muscle groups. Why? It’s more efficient and it burns more calories.

That way, you will enjoy results much quicker than your girlfriends doing sit ups in the corner or your ‘bros’ whipping out those biceps curls.

Once you’ve transitioned into workouts, I will tailor a diet plan for you. Don’t worry, you can continue to eat great foods while losing weight.

You will receive a personal calculation of daily caloric intake, proteins and other nutrients you need, and you will be able to choose the meals you want from there.

If you’re needing for a more specific plan, I can create meal plans designed for your needs.

3. Do I have to already be in shape?

This question is asked a lot.  But no matter what walk of life you’re currently in, you can always join.

Over the years, Jed’s Gym has serviced a wide variety of clients. These include moms wanting a group to join, former athlete dads who need to get rid of that beer belly (or more recently, “dad bod”) or high school athletes needing to increase speed and strength.

4. I have a hurt knee (or back, shoulder, etc). Can I still join?

This is a big one. A lot of people think that because they experience pain while exercising, they have to avoid weight training completely.

Not true.

I’ve gone through my share of injuries. Torn PCL, joint separations, broken bones, you name it. If I can heal and regain strength, you can too. Clients with old injuries are given exercises to help strengthen the muscles around the hurt area.

Take it from our client, Shane Bennett, who overcame his shoulder injury. Read his story here.

5. How long will it take before I start to see results?

While it depends on your body and your commitment level, most clients start seeing results within a few workouts.

Most of our clients find themselves stronger and in better cardio shape within just a few workouts. Within a few weeks, they start seeing weight loss and muscle gain.

On average, clients who train three days a week and follow our nutrition plan can lose as much as 15 pounds in one month.


So, I’ve answered the top five most common questions out there. But If you have any other questions, share with us in the comments below, or send a PM on Facebook.

And don’t forget, you can always come in for a free consultation and session; call or text 480.238.4643.

Stay focused,