This month, we’re excited to bring back our Success Stories featuring real clients who achieved success at Complete Training and Fitness. Today, we want to spotlight a client of ours who set out to become active at the age of 65!

Karen Case


Karen is client of ours who loves hiking, skiing and ice skating. A little over a year ago, her mother’s health started to require more personalized attention. As she started caring for her mother more, Karen told us she knew she wanted to be able to stay active as long as possible.

“As I looked at turning 65, it was one of those dreaded ‘milestone moments,'” said Karen. Being a caregiver for my mom, I became acutely aware of the quick aging progression to limited activity, so I set a goal to be in the best shape of my life at age 65.”

From there, Karen joined Complete Training and Fitness where we saw her progress tremendously. She lost weight, and we’re proud to say not even a year later, she achieved her goal of getting in the best shape of her life. At age 66, Karen still ventures to arduous hiking trails and frequently skis, as is shown in the photo below.


“I have been overweight since the Fifth Grade. It is truly thrilling to, at age 66, fit into a size 6 and feel confident and at peace with my and level of fitness,” said Karen.

We, too, are thrilled to see the success Karen has had during her time at Complete Training and are happy to see her continue to progress.

“Complete Training has brought me to a new pinnacle of fitness. My biggest accomplishment would be to maintain this level and build upon it as long as I can.”
– Karen Case, 66

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