Time to lose weight
Cut the carbs, don’t have fatty foods, get rid of your sugar intake, don’t ever consume processed foods: You’ve heard it all. But which diet will actually get you the best results? The answer always seems to vary.

Here’s something more disturbing. One man reported losing 17 pounds on a strict diet of Twinkies, and another lost 56 pounds only eating McDonald’s.

Yet we know that’s not always the case, right? Morgan Spurlock showed exactly how bad a McDonald’s diet can be in the film SuperSize Me.

There’s a common link to each of these. According to a new study conducted by Banner Health, it’s the amount of calories you consume. In this study, two groups were put on both the low carb and the low fat diet. What they found was that both diets got the same results. Because both diets cut back on the calories. The man who ate Twinkies all day didn’t just consume Hostess products, he cut his calories to 1800 a day. The same goes for the man who ate McDonald’s.  Spurlock, on the other hand, ate about two times more calories than his body needed. In other words, if you want to lose weight, cut back on the calories.

Of course, we don’t at all recommend eating McDonald’s or Twinkies all the time. Because to us, there is more to dieting than just losing weight. At Complete Training and Fitness, we want you to not only shed pounds, but become stronger and healthier too. Dieting shouldn’t be torture that you suffer through, it should become a way of life that you enjoy.  That’s why we will make sure you cut your calories in a healthy way, along with personalized workouts and diet plans so that you can both look and feel great.

Everyone’s intake of calories differs on body type and weight. To make sure you’re consuming the right amount you need to lose weight, come enjoy a free consultation and session from us! We will get you started on the right track so you can look great and feel great, too!

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