We’ve all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Of course, science has leanred that’s not true (every meal is equally important), but we can all agree it is, at times, the most stressful meal of the day. Between trying to get ready for work, getting the kids out the door for school or just being too exhausted from the night before, breakfast can be the last thing you want to cook.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of easy breakfast foods that are packed with protein and low in carbs and sugars. Whether you’re a die-hard carnivore or a vegan, we’ve got great ideas for breakfast on the go! Check them out below.

1. Protein shake


If you find yourself in a crunch every morning, it’s time to stock up on those protein powders and shaker cups! Combine protein powder with regular or almond milk, shake and go. Healthy and simple.

2. Vega One shake


For those of you with dairy allergies or vegan preferences, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, too. Vega One, along with many other vegan protein powders, has packs you can add to that shaker cup with some almond milk and head out the door!

3. Green smoothie


The green smoothie is a great way to get the greens you need for the day all in one shot! Combine almond or regular milk, spinach or kale, banana, orange or any other fruit for a very healthy, yummy breakfast. Click HERE to get the Kale Pineapple smoothie recipe pictured above.

4. Crustless egg quiches

This one requires a bit more time, but it is easy to make and delicious! Put eggs in a muffin pan, add anything you like and bake in the oven! Go crustless, or line the outside of each muffin tin with bacon for a yummy bacon crust quiche. Get the quiche recipe HERE.

5. Protein pancakes


Of course, you can always take the time to make your own banana-based, protein pancakes, but when you are in a rush, protein pancake mixes are the way to go! Most contain over 10 grams of protein, are relatively low in carbs and high in fiber.

6. Cook ahead, frozen quesadillas


These ones require some planning ahead, but are super easy and yummy. Get the recipe HERE.

7. Greek Yogurt Parfait


Another fast, healthy idea: Fage Greek Yogurt. Without the sugar, this yogurt can taste something short of sour cream. But add in some protein powder or raw honey, strawberries and other fruits, and you have a healthy parfait ready to consume.

8. Quinoa Hot Cereal


Quinoa is a whole grain that is packed with fiber and protein. Instead of instant oatmeal, put this on the stove while you get ready, add some raw honey or fruit and start your day a hot cereal.

9. Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups


Speaking of quinoa, this recipe is your best alternative to a fritatta. Throw a few ingredients together, put it in the oven and enjoy a great breakfast. Get the recipe HERE.

Most of these breakfast ideas are high in protein and lower in carbs. If you would like more information on the amount of carbs and protein you should have each day, give us a call at 480.238.4643 or send us a PM on Facebook! We’re happy to help with a free consultation.