1. You get to choose the workout you want


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Ok, maybe not horizontal running. But we will be sure to tailor your workout according to your goals, likes and interests so you can enjoy yourself and feel great!

2. We help you create your own diet plan (and, yes. That can include pizza)


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Dieting sucks. We get it. Unlike many places, our Personal Trainer Jed Jobe will create a specific meal plan that will work with your needs, even if that “need” is having junk food every now and then. With Complete Training and Fitness, you can enjoy your meals while still losing weight.

3. You’ll have a “workout buddy”
Because you’ll have your personal trainer working one on one with you, you automatically get a workout buddy! It’s a great way to have another level of accountability so you can start losing that weight fast.

4. Two words: No running

source: Tumblr

source: Tumblr

Of course, if for some odd reason you love to run, we will work with that. But at Complete Training and Fitness, we can give you a zero-cardio workout that will still help you lose weight and get the look you’re hoping to attain.

5. No extra cost for daycare
At Complete Training, you can bring your kiddos in for free. We will work with them. Seriously. Ever tried lunges with a baby?

6. We have shirts

7. And Quest Bars


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Available for you to purchase before or after any workout.

8. And even personal, clean showers


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Because let’s be honest. Nobody likes those gym showers.

9. We don’t do this


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10. Or this


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11. There’s no waiting for a ‘machine to open’

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Source: movoto.com

Because you can have a one-on-one session with Complete Training.

12. Best of all, your first consultation and session is free!

Call 480.238.4643 or send us a Facebook message to start today!