Sometimes, the facts of life are hard to face. None of us want to admit our kids will grow up and move out of the house one day, but we all know they will. An even harder question to face: Will you get to be around to see them grow up? Will you be able to be there for them on their first date, at Prom, college or even with their first baby?

Of course, we cannot control when we go. But we can try to keep our minds and bodies as healthy as possible so we at least have the energy to be with our kids now, and hopefully throughout most of their lives.

Shane Bennett, a client at Complete Training and Fitness, came to us for those exact reasons: He wanted to be around for his kids, and he wanted to be actively involved in their lives. With three girls highly involved in school and club sports, Shane wanted to get himself physically in shape so that he could be an example to his girls.

Shane Bennett, Complete Training client

Shane Bennet1Shane is a father of four who loves to have fun and support his girls in their sports. His oldest daughter is a level 10 gymnast, his second daughter a year-round club and school volleyball player and his youngest is involved in cheer. With all of his family’s activity, Shane felt it was important to have himself in his best physical condition.

“Being active allows me as a father to have the energy and health needed to support my family in all of their many endeavors,” said Shane. “I owe it to them and myself to be as healthy as I can be.”

Shane told us at that point, he decided he wanted to get back in shape, so he joined a local gym in Gilbert. But he quickly found he wanted a way to challenge himself even more, so he came to Complete Training and Fitness. Shane told us when he first came to Complete Training, he was a little hesitant, especially because of his hurt shoulder. But as many of our clients find, Shane quickly started seeing results and now loves working out here.

“When I started training with my personal trainer, Jed Jobe, I could barely bench press without my shoulder causing a great deal of pain, even after just a small workout with relatively low weight. I was out of shape and lacked much of the desire I once had when I was younger to work out,” Shane said. “but I kept going because I owed it to myself my wife and my kids. Here 11 months later, I can bench press 265 pounds for five sets of five reps with no shoulder pain at all. Amazing! I’ve also started to implement a better diet and introduced some cardio in to my workouts. I am stronger now than I have ever been.”

In just under a year, Shane told us that he has lost weight, become stronger and even has no shoulder pain! We are proud of his great accomplishments, which you can see in these before/after photos of him below.




“My continued hope is to just keep going. I am reaching milestones at 46 I had never reached before. We all will grow old and slow down but we don’t have to do it sitting on the couch.”
– Shane Bennet

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