In celebration of Throwback Thursdays, we decided to start a Success Stories series where we feature our very own clients! By now, you may have seen the story of our personal trainer. Today, we are spotlighting one of Complete Training’s greatest clients, Janae Wilson.

Janae Wilson, Complete Training client


Janae has been with Complete Training and Fitness since it opened and inspires others often with her workouts, as you can see in the photo below where she is lifting 315 pounds!


But Janae didn’t start out that way. About three years ago, she had a friend who told her about Complete Training, but she was hesitant to go because she hadn’t been very active since high school. Once she went, she felt comfortable and motivated to get back in shape because of personal trainer , as Janae told us.

“I found that he understood me and had actually struggled with some of the things that I do. He knows how and when to push you!! He showed me that I can do it and was able to help me see the benefits of exercise and nutrition!!”

Within a few months of training, Janae lost weight and gained much more strength. She now frequently breaks the lifting records at Complete Training, and we are proud of her accomplishments!

“Complete Training and Fitness helps me succeed by helping me see the things that I can do and focus on the positive!! Jed helps you work through your doubts and fears, and is the all around package physically, mentally and nutritionally!”
– Janae Wilson

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