Admit it. You’ve been there before: staring at plain piece of meet and steamed veggies on your plate—along with your ‘cleansing’ drink you have to choke down—thinking, “just a few more days until this diet is over!” Or worse, you decide you’ve had it, grab the keys and head over to McDonald’s, only to return feeling horrible because you’ve “ruined your diet.”

For all of you who stuck on a diet plan, we have great news: You don’t have to keep eating foods you hate! The truth is, a strict diet really doesn’t work.

Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

The reason a diet doesn’t work is simple: It doesn’t last forever. What’s more, it could cause you to crack and revert too much the other way. Of course, we aren’t saying you should have pizza, fries and shakes for every meal, but we certainly aren’t going to stop you from enjoying them every once in awhile either! A diet is not your best option, but a plan that you can stick to is essential to losing weight and getting healthy.

Despite what you may hear, it is OK–in fact, important–to enjoy your meals! If you enjoy what you are eating, chances are you will be able to stick to that ‘plan’ and make it a complete lifestyle change and not just a temporary diet, so that you can achieve life-changing goals.

Tips on Eating Healthy Without ‘Dieting’

1. Increase Your Protein

No matter your goals, this is essential. Increasing your protein will help your body rebuild when you work out, keep you full longer and help you gain more muscle instead of fat. The amount of protein you should have in your diet varies on your weight. To see how much you need, come in for a free consultation!

2. Get Creative!

Don’t get yourself stuck in a rut of bland foods! Enjoy pasta? Find a recipe for a pasta with zucchini noodles. Or add some low sugar sauces to your meats and veggies to make those healthy foods delicious.

3. Be Smart When You Go Out to Eat

If you love going out to eat, you don’t have to boycott it! Instead, just substitute for smarter options. Get that burger lettuce wrapped and forgo the soda, or get the grilled option for your chicken instead! If you make your outings healthier, you can still enjoy good restaurants without feeling guilty.

4. Enjoy a cheat day, and get back on track

Cheat days are great to enjoy a couple times a month! Have days where you eat healthy and look forward to that cheat day. Just make sure you get back on track after a day of cheating.

At Complete Training and Fitness, we can work with you to incorporate personalized meal plans so that you can stick to a goal without feeling like you’re dieting. Don’t suffer through a diet! Come make a lifestyle change, and enjoy a free consultation from Complete Training and Fitness. Call us at 480.238.4643 or email jjobe6@cox.net for more information.