When it comes to fitness and health, the amount of varied truths and doctor’s opinions can leave you with so many questions it can get overwhelming. Whether you’re just starting out getting in shape or you have been working out for years, here are a few weight training myths you that might just surprise you.

Myth #1 Lifting heavy weights will make me look too bulky.

This is a big one for women. A lot of ladies worry that lifting weights will make them look something short of a She-Hulk. But in reality, lifting weights is one of the best ways to attain that “beach body.” While running may help you lose weight, it can’t target problem areas the way a workout with a personal trainer can. Here’s some pictures of women who workout at Complete Training and Fitness. No bulky women here!


Of course, if you are looking to bulk up, we can always work with that as well. But we will help you gain muscle in the right way, so you aren’t left with the dreaded big chest and chicken legs.

Myth #2 I need a high cardio workout in order to burn enough calories.


This is a big one. A lot of people believe that you need a high-cardio workout in order to burn a lot of calories. But the truth is, you actually burn more calories with muscle training than cardio. Given the right workout, you can get that heart pumping just as hard as cardio! What’s more, at Complete Training, we will slowly add more weight, increase speed or even slow down each rep so that you can continue to push yourself and keep seeing great results.

Myth #3 Lifting weights will make me gain weight

This is another myth that worry a lot of men and women. People sometimes think that lifting weights will make them gain weight instead of losing since “muscle weighs more than fat.” Not true. While muscles may have more mass than fat, a pound is a pound, whether it’s fat or muscle. Additionally, having more muscle helps your body’s metabolism so that you will be able to burn that fat off faster! Our clients see results in as little as six months on average. Here’s a couple Complete Training clients who have seen great results from our weight training program.

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Check out our Testimonials page to see what these clients and others have to say about Complete Training!

Myth #4 A good weight training workout takes too much time.

We can easily bust this one! A workout session with our personal trainer in Mesa can take as little as 45 minutes! Instead of just running on the same boring treadmill, we keep you moving with circuits and speed intervals so your mind and body are engaged the entire time. Not to mention, you will accomplish a lot more in a 45-minute workout at Complete Training than you would just running to the end of the street, then walking back, because let’s face it. You’re out of shape.

Myth #5 I have to be strong to lift heavy weights.

This seems to be an ongoing myth that Complete Training is proud to say it can bust! No matter what stage you are in with your fitness level, you can lift! And because we have a certified personal trainer onsite at all times to work one on one with you, you can be sure to have a safe and challenging workout.

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  • So, we’ve busted these fives myths but know there are a lot more out there. Leave us a comment and share with us a fitness myth you’ve busted or feel free to ask us a question. We’re happy to help!